This World is Getting Too Crazy…

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I know I have already used this piece but I thought it illustrated how I have been feeling the last little while with everything that is going on.  I’m not sure if every presidential election for this country has had the same dividing results, or if I am just more aware of it this time, but it is INSANE! I can’t believe that people are getting so uptight and nasty about it all.  What’s done is done, and getting angry and showing so much hate isn’t going to solve anything.  I have had people cut all communication with me and be quite rude and hurtful because of how I voted in this election.  If we are going to let Trump divide this country, he is NOT the problem. WE are the problem.  People don’t like him because he hates so many different groups of people.  Well, then we are guilty of the very same thing and have ZERO moral authority to get upset.  We are all hypocrites and none of us are perfect, so we all need to get over it, be the best we can be, do everything we can to make the world a better place, and look forward.

A couple weeks ago, a student stabbed and injured 6 other students and himself in attempts to kill all of them.  This happened at a high school about a mile from where my brothers go to school.  According to police reports, this student had no intention other than to kill as many people as he could before killing himself just to see what it would feel like to kill people.  WHAT??

I also got some inside scoop on something else.  They don’t have enough evidence yet and it isn’t my place to share, but just take my word for it, it’s also INSANE.

WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS WORLD??? I can’t even believe it!  Just when I think it can’t get worse, it does.  Everything in this post has only happened in the last month.  I could write pages and pages about everything that had happened before that, but this month just set me over the top.

There is SO MUCH hate.  It is EVERYWHERE.  If you think about it, almost every problem in the world can be solved if we eliminate hate and selfishness.  If we would all just come together and love, we could solve so many people’s struggles.

Even though it’s hard sometimes, we can’t just sit around and feel sorry for ourselves.  We need to be the change we want to see in the world.  Ready? GO! Change the world.

*Cue Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror*


My (Not so Much) Pride and Joy


As far as the finished product goes, this is not work I am proud of.  I enjoyed the experimenting and the process which is how it managed to crawl onto my blog.

This piece was my first attempt at transfers.  I also experimented with stitching  and using paint/ink on top of it all.  While the finished product won’t end up in my portfolio, it was a good practice piece for techniques I hadn’t used before.

Crayon Art!

Okay, so I am not a big fan of all of the drippy rain melted crayon art out there.  I don’t like the millions of different versions of a couple kissing under the multi-colored rain. I wanted to experiment with crayon art and come up with something a little more original.

For this piece, I heated up the crayons with a blow dryer until the tips were dripping.  I layered all the dots of colors into the shape of an octopus.  Then I put the canvas on the stove to melt the colors together and make it flat.  The color went everywhere and went a bit faster than I anticipated.  So I painted black acrylic everywhere that the octopus wasn’t supposed to be in an attempt to contain the running colors.

Definitely a lot of trial and error but I love the colors I came up with!


Modern Slavery

IMG_3759-2The Civil War ended slavery. We don’t have slaves anymore, right? WRONG! 27,000,000 people are slaves today.

Last year at school, I saw a poster for an art contest promoting awareness for human trafficking. I decided to try it just for the challenge. I had to do some research because I wasn’t very educated on the topic. The numbers were terrifying! This is very much still an issue today.

Strive For Less Than Perfection

This was done in one of my many art classes I’ve taken. Each class member took a turn destroying this piece of paper. It was ripped, stepped on, folded, splattered on, and someone even glued an ugly piece of tattered red fabric onto it. When it got to me, I was supposed to turn it into something.

I remember my Jr. High art teacher would make us scribble or step on our paper before we started a piece. When you do that, you stress less about it being perfect because it’s already ruined. That’s when you start to make art.


Why I’m An Artist First and A Musician Second

For my first 2 years of college, I played the violin in the symphony and had to take violin lessons to keep my scholarship. Week after week I continued to be uninspired and unmotivated. My violin teacher told me he had some suspicions as to why I felt this way. He proceeded to tell me that as an artist, I am always coming up with new ideas. Everything has to be original, creative and new. As a classical violinist, I am required to play the same pieces everybody has been playing for 500 years. Not only that, but they must be played the exact same way too. Crescendos in all the same places. Some people prefer this but I don’t. My brain is different from a musician’s and that is OKAY. There’s nothing wrong with being an artist.