Drapery Study


I am not going to lie, this was a painfully boring assignment.  However, I see the value in practicing this skill.


My Rant


It’s time for art class at the elementary school.  The teacher tells all the students to draw a simple landscape.  The only requirement is that it must include a tree.  All of the students begin their drawings.  The teacher walks up and down the rows checking on each piece of art.  She stops at one little girl.  “Susi, trees aren’t purple.”

Everybody starts out as an artist.  Children love to draw and paint.  The even give their artwork away as gifts.  We live in a world where if something doesn’t look exactly like what it is depicting, it isn’t “good” art.  That mentality stunts creativity.

The best thing about art is that there are no boundaries– it can be anything you want it to be.


Three Kings Day

This is a day late (one day I will totally be on top of this blogging thing…) but yesterday was Three Kings Day.  It also marked the one year mark of the death of my great grandmother, Vicenta Rodas.  Three Kings Day is an important day in Puerto Rico (where my great grandmother lived).

I miss her, but I am blessed to have known her.  How many people can say (especially at my age) that they knew their great grandmother and have memories with her.  She was a VERY spunky lady.  Though she lived quite far from me, my family was able to visit frequently enough that I felt like I knew her.  How happy I am for my faith that lets me know I will see her again one day.

When in high school, I did a small series of paintings with the theme of Puerto Rico.  I felt that this was an appropriate time to share.

My Friend

I go to school
Everyone tells me how much I suck
Without saying anything
I get everything wrong
Fail every assignment
Say something dumb
Now even less people like me
Very few friends
Pretty much no one
On my side
I go home
On the way thinking
Dang, I screwed up again
My parents find every reason
to be upset
My siblings try to annoy me
I swear,
It’s their goal in life
I go outside
For peace
And quiet
And there he is
He’s so excited to see me
He wags his tail
Tongue hanging from his mouth
To him, I’ve done nothing wrong
He loves me
I wish I could be the person
my dog thinks I am
He sits on my lap
Licks my face
And I smile
That’s all it took

-Levi A. Rodas


It isn’t the same
Coming home without seeing you
Or hearing your voice
I go outside
And you aren’t there
Your food bowl is there
Your dog house is there
They aren’t supposed to be
There shouldn’t be birds
You’re supposed to chase them
All the walnuts should be
Hidden, wherever you hid them
I know you had to go
But I don’t like it
There’s an emptiness
Inside me, outside me
My days will be duller
Without you
For twelve years
I knew you
For twelve years
I loved you
You love me
And now you’re gone
But you have been, you are,
You always will be
My friend

-Levi A. Rodas


This World is Getting Too Crazy…

image 6

I know I have already used this piece but I thought it illustrated how I have been feeling the last little while with everything that is going on.  I’m not sure if every presidential election for this country has had the same dividing results, or if I am just more aware of it this time, but it is INSANE! I can’t believe that people are getting so uptight and nasty about it all.  What’s done is done, and getting angry and showing so much hate isn’t going to solve anything.  I have had people cut all communication with me and be quite rude and hurtful because of how I voted in this election.  If we are going to let Trump divide this country, he is NOT the problem. WE are the problem.  People don’t like him because he hates so many different groups of people.  Well, then we are guilty of the very same thing and have ZERO moral authority to get upset.  We are all hypocrites and none of us are perfect, so we all need to get over it, be the best we can be, do everything we can to make the world a better place, and look forward.

A couple weeks ago, a student stabbed and injured 6 other students and himself in attempts to kill all of them.  This happened at a high school about a mile from where my brothers go to school.  According to police reports, this student had no intention other than to kill as many people as he could before killing himself just to see what it would feel like to kill people.  WHAT??

I also got some inside scoop on something else.  They don’t have enough evidence yet and it isn’t my place to share, but just take my word for it, it’s also INSANE.

WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS WORLD??? I can’t even believe it!  Just when I think it can’t get worse, it does.  Everything in this post has only happened in the last month.  I could write pages and pages about everything that had happened before that, but this month just set me over the top.

There is SO MUCH hate.  It is EVERYWHERE.  If you think about it, almost every problem in the world can be solved if we eliminate hate and selfishness.  If we would all just come together and love, we could solve so many people’s struggles.

Even though it’s hard sometimes, we can’t just sit around and feel sorry for ourselves.  We need to be the change we want to see in the world.  Ready? GO! Change the world.

*Cue Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror*