About Me

I am Shaylee Baird.  There will be two different about me sections.  The short and to the point version, and the longer more informative version.  I personally, love to learn about other people and would enjoy the longer version, but I understand that not everyone is me.

Short version:  I am from Orem Utah.  I am currently enrolled at UVU studying art education with a minor in music.  I am passionate about art and want to share my love with others.  I am married to Ethan Baird and loving life!

Long version:  I am passionate about the arts.  I am currently studying art education at UVU.  Though I am studying art ed, the first 2 years of college, I played the violin in the symphony on a scholarship.  In high school, I played the violin and was captain of the ballroom team.  I do enjoy these art forms, however, my favorite is the visual arts.  I took AP art in high school because I love painting, drawing and making things out of trash and everyday things.  I am studying art education because I believe that art is just as important to the world as math and science.

I have had artwork published in three different literary Journals at UVU and won first place in an art contest at UVU.  I have received two art scholarships as well.

I am married to my sweetheart, Ethan Baird.  Though he will deny it, he is artistic.  We work on projects together and it’s just the best.

Now about this blog.  I would describe myself as a bit of a hippie.  No drugs, just weird beliefs and ways of doing things.  I mostly channel those beliefs into my art work.  I love art that says something and makes a statement.  That is my main purpose in starting this blog.  I want to share that with others.  I would love it if people would share their points of view as well.  They other half of my hippie side creates art out of things most people wouldn’t bother with because I hate wasting things.  So some of this art will be made out of less traditional things.