Crayon Art!

Okay, so I am not a big fan of all of the drippy rain melted crayon art out there.  I don’t like the millions of different versions of a couple kissing under the multi-colored rain. I wanted to experiment with crayon art and come up with something a little more original.

For this piece, I heated up the crayons with a blow dryer until the tips were dripping.  I layered all the dots of colors into the shape of an octopus.  Then I put the canvas on the stove to melt the colors together and make it flat.  The color went everywhere and went a bit faster than I anticipated.  So I painted black acrylic everywhere that the octopus wasn’t supposed to be in an attempt to contain the running colors.

Definitely a lot of trial and error but I love the colors I came up with!



Modern Slavery

IMG_3759-2The Civil War ended slavery. We don’t have slaves anymore, right? WRONG! 27,000,000 people are slaves today.

Last year at school, I saw a poster for an art contest promoting awareness for human trafficking. I decided to try it just for the challenge. I had to do some research because I wasn’t very educated on the topic. The numbers were terrifying! This is very much still an issue today.