Strive For Less Than Perfection

This was done in one of my many art classes I’ve taken. Each class member took a turn destroying this piece of paper. It was ripped, stepped on, folded, splattered on, and someone even glued an ugly piece of tattered red fabric onto it. When it got to me, I was supposed to turn it into something.

I remember my Jr. High art teacher would make us scribble or step on our paper before we started a piece. When you do that, you stress less about it being perfect because it’s already ruined. That’s when you start to make art.



Why I’m An Artist First and A Musician Second

For my first 2 years of college, I played the violin in the symphony and had to take violin lessons to keep my scholarship. Week after week I continued to be uninspired and unmotivated. My violin teacher told me he had some suspicions as to why I felt this way. He proceeded to tell me that as an artist, I am always coming up with new ideas. Everything has to be original, creative and new. As a classical violinist, I am required to play the same pieces everybody has been playing for 500 years. Not only that, but they must be played the exact same way too. Crescendos in all the same places. Some people prefer this but I don’t. My brain is different from a musician’s and that is OKAY. There’s nothing wrong with being an artist.


My Twist on Rapunzel

A brunette Rapunzel wearing a dress that isn’t form fitting. In society today, it seems that only stick thin blondes are considered beautiful. I’ve been wanting to do a series with fairytale subjects being different ethnicities, shapes and sizes to show that beauty is more than it seems while still being true to the fairytale. In this case, the lighter parts of her hair are golden stands while the rest is brown.