You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

As humans, we are our own enemies.  As individuals, we hold ourselves back from opportunities to become something better and to grow.  This is something we can all relate to especially as artists.  Putting our ideas out for others to see and creating things that are often times quite personal is a difficult thing to do.  We will be so afraid of the rejection and failure that we don’t let ourselves progress and become something great.  I wanted to illustrate this idea in this series of photographs.  I chose two different people to be my subjects.  The best way I could think of to show this was to literally have them being held back by themselves.  Each is in the photo two times.  One of the two represents the opportunity  or chance to try something new while the other is the reality that makes them afraid to try.  They are hand-cuffed to themselves.  Hand-cuffs are associated with imprisonment and being trapped.  These two subjects, and all of us, are imprisoned and trapped by ourselves.

The series begins with the battles we face on the surface such as trying out for the school band or the basketball team.  These can be seen as less significant but are still important.  Even if it doesn’t necessarily turn into something life changing, it is important to have a good balance of enjoyment in our lives.  Sometimes, these things open the door for great opportunities.  The series then progresses into the deeper battles we face that sometimes others don’t know about such as drug addictions and eating disorders.  Those can be the difference between life and death, happiness and misery.  These people need to fight the half that wants to keep doing it with the half that wants to quit.

final afinal 1final 2final 3final 4final 6final 5final 7


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